311 Todd Slater Austin City Limits Poster S/N 2014

311 Todd Slater Austin City Limits Poster S/N 2014

Todd Slater on his design for his first 311 poster: "Initially, I wanted to make a boombox encased in amber as reference to 80s/90s music devices and their relative extinction. When I started piecing the image together I felt I wasn't getting enough contrast and abandoned the idea in favor of a more graphic solution. I struggled with how to handle areas where text was written on the boombox and ultimately decided to put all of it in braille. Clearly, this was the same person who made the Close Encounters print and I could now envision the finished piece. I also liked the idea that any instructions on how to use this relic would be cryptic. The mosquito in amber was a tie in to my first thought and a way to punctuate the image. "

Signed and Numbered by Todd Slater from an edition of 100

Size of the poster is 18 x 24 Inches, 4 Color Silk Screen Print with 4 Metallic Inks on Curious Metallic Black Paper

The poster is Mint Condition and Stored Flat

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