50 24" x 36" Inch Movie Poster Size Mylar-D 4 Mil Protective Sleeves

50 24" x 36" Inch Movie Poster Size Mylar-D 4 Mil Protective Sleeves No Flap

Protect your cherished posters the best way possible

These Mylar D 4 Mil Sleeves measure 24.5 x 36.5 inches and are top loading


Advantages of Mylar® Type D Compared to Commonly Used Plastics:
Resistance to diffusion of gases like oxygen, Carbon Dioxide, Sulfur Dioxide, etc. is 350 times greater than polyethylene.

Permanence. There is no noticeable change in storage-100 years when compared to 2 to 5 years for others.

Resistance to moisture, insect attack, fungus, mold, mildew, acid, oils, grease, and solvents is "excellent" compared to "fair" for others.

Strength and creep resistance is 10 times that of polyethylene, one-third the strength of steel.

Volatile Additions--Mylar® contains no dangerous plasticizers, slip additives, surface coatings, antioxidants, acid-hydrolysis compared to other commonly used plastics.

Mylar-D is a storage material specifically developed for the long-term storage of historically important documents. It is the same archival material in which the Declaration of Independence and the Magna Carta are stored and is used by leading museums worldwide.

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