Blood Money HPM Hand Painted Multiples Art Signed & Numbered 2014

Blood Money HPM Hand Painted Multiples Art Signed & Numbered 2014

Yes this is real US Currency $1 bills.

Each One has been shot 2-3 times with a real AR-15 at the gun range.

After all the mass killings and school shootings the fact the NRA has blocked any reasonable gun control legislation makes me sick. They help the gun manufactures and ammo companies make tons of money claiming someone is going to take their guns. That will never happen, but less guns and better control on who gets them will help stop the slaughter on our streets. The fact that I can walk into a gun show in most states and walk out with a gun no questions asked is nuts.

As part of this art project I wanted it shot with a real AR-15. But I have a problem when I shoot, I'm right handed but left eyed. So shooting a hand gun is not a big deal but a rifle with sights on it is a problem. Dude at the range helped me to shoot it left handed, right way to hold it and all that. When I use a paintball gun I shoot right handed, so this was the first time ever trying to shoot left handed. The bills I wanted to shoot were 5.5 x 6.5 inches I attached 2 of them to the target sheet and put it at 15 feet away. I had 12 of them to shoot. At 15 feet shooting left handed for the first time I was able to shoot each one 2-3 times and the grouping was no more than 3 inches apart for the holes. After I shot my little targets I moved the big target that was 18 x 24 at least, to 30 feet and finished off the bullets I bought. At 30 feet the grouping was tight as well no more than 5-6 inches and I was not sighting my shots hardly.

The AR clip held 20 bullets. There is no practical application to an AR-15, it's very easy to shoot, accurate and hardly any recoil. It really is scary that so many of these are out there and easy for people to get.

I don't want your guns I just don't want my loved ones dying at the hands of a nut job that should not have a gun.

Signed and Numbered on the back with an edition of only 12

Size is approximately 5.5 x 6.5 inches Montana Gold Spray Paint on Real Uncut US Currency $1 bills

Stored flat.

Shipped Flat in a box

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  1. what kills what

    Posted by Anon pussy boy. I talk big but wont stand behind what I say with my name 2 years ago

    what really is the biggest killer, cars, drugs, it's illegal to drive a car under the influence, drugs are illegal, these being illegal does it stop people from dying? Sure doesn't, because if somebody wants something they're going to get it, all the gun control laws will only effect responsible law abiding citizens, wish people would just wake up and realize this, they only will help out the criminal, so it makes me sick that anybody would wanna give a criminal the over hand, say what you want, your argument is void, and screw your BS art

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