Brad Klausen Mad Season Mike McCready Seattle Poster S/N 2015

Brad Klausen Mad Season Mike McCready Seattle Poster S/N 2015

From Brad: I've always thought that the Mad Season record Above was one of the better records to come out of the Seattle music scene, and in my opinion it's some of McCready's best guitar work, from a sonic standpoint and writing standpoint. So I was quite grateful and excited to get an opportunity to create a poster for this show. The image is based off of the title "Waking the Horizion" of the orchestral piece Mike wrote for the symphony, as well as his comments he made regarding the piece: " Looking at the sunrise and thinking of how many possibilities there are for change in life, and also thinking of the millions of sunrises that have happened and what that means to me in terms of waking to my truth each day." The mushrooms are a reference to the band name Mad Season.... which comes from a term used in England to describe the time of year when psilocybin mushrooms are ripe for the picking... the "mad" season. "Wake up young man, it's time to wake up...."

Signed and Numbered By Brad Klausen from an Artist Proof Edition of 128

Size of the poster is 14.1 x 24.5 Inches, 6 Color Silk Screen Printing

The poster is Mint Condition and Stored Flat

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