Chef Golden Moth Foilz Hand Painted Multiples Art Signed Numbered

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Chef Golden Moth Foilz Hand Painted Multiples Art Signed Numbered 2017

So do you miss Breaking Bad ? Golden Moth Chemical is an industrial chemical manufacturing company based in Albuquerque and owned by Chinese businessman Duane Chow. Golden Moth Chemical was a chemical supplier for Gustavo Fring's organization, primarily supplying honey extract to Fring's superlab for the purpose of manufacturing methamphetamine. .

The company's logo is a stylized golden bee, seen on many of the barrels in the superlab and at Madrigal's warehouse. Although the company is called "Golden Moth" the character in the logo is 蜂 (fēng), which is Chinese for bee, wasp, or hornet; "moth" is 蛾.

The serial number on those barrels 00892-B can be read as a hexadecimal RGB code, and #00 89 2B is the signature Breaking Bad green color.

Signed and Numbered on the back with an edition of only 10. There are also 4 "Test" HPM's available as well, they have minor paint imperfections on them. Use the drop down menu to choose.

Size is a frame friendly 12 x 12 inches with fluorescent spray paint on Lava Foil paper. So if you have a black light, the color really pops.

The print is in mint condition and stored flat.

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