Chuck Sperry Jerry Garcia Spring Art Print S/N

Chuck Sperry Jerry Garcia Spring Art Print S/N 2016.

Chuck Sperry talks about his posters for Jerry's birthday: " My aim is to capture the young Jerry Garcia in the springtime of his life and in the full bloom of his youthful idealism gazing into his own future replete with possibilities. I wove a psychedelic paisley pattern throughout the design rendered in eight colors, including bright hues, hand-blended metallics and translucent glazes. My hope is to portray the young Jerry, who while participating in the Haight-Ashbury’s utopian experiment, helped to transform the world through optimism and good humor, light and music."

Signed and numbered by Chuck Sperry with an edition of 500.

Size is 21 X 32 Inches, 8 Color Silk Screened Printing with Metallic Inks

This poster is in Mint Condition and it is Stored in a Flat File

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