Chuck Sperry Pearl Jam Miami Florida Poster

Chuck Sperry Pearl Jam Miami Poster 2016

Chuck Sperry on his 4th Pearl Jam poster: "I am honored to be working with Pearl Jam, one of my generation’s most creative, pioneering rock groups. For their Miami, South Florida appearance, I created a beautiful mermaid in a old school rock poster tattoo style, holding a “PJ” trident in one hand and a mysterious, glowing “impossible shape,” a forth dimensional triangle, to suggest the mystery of nature in the other hand. I hand screen printed this with hand-mixed gold inks, and translucent color layers, for an effect that glows."

Size is 19.75 X 35 Inches, 5 Color Silk Screened Printing with Metallic Inks

This poster is in Mint Condition and it is Stored in a Flat File

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