Emek Iggy Pop Portland Poster S/N 2016 Artist Edition

Emek Iggy Pop Portland Poster S/N Artist Edition 2016

Emek on his official poster for the Godfather of Punk:"An old Detroit-built speedster, rusted and battle scarred, but still full of “Raw Power” goes down the wasteland of broken hearts, looking for love, even if its damaged. Its “Passenger” on a “Search and Destroy” mission to “Break Into Your Heart”. A psychedelic sky pays tribute to Iggy’s 60’s origins. Weathering many storms, and still going strong after performing for over 50 years. A true punk rock 'n' roll legend!"

Signed, Numbered, Embossed and Doodled with an edition of only 100.

Size is 24 x 18 inches, Color Silk Screened Printing on Pearl Paper.

The Poster is in Mint Condition and Stored Flat

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