Emek Pearl Jam Chicago Wrigley Field Poster

Emek Pearl Jam Chicago Wrigley Field Poster 2013

"Sometimes its just about fun. Good Friends. Good music. Good memories...and for me, something fun to draw. This poster is inspired by my childhood, when, on Saturday mornings the ice cream truck would drive by carrying "wacky-packages" and stale bubble gum for 25 cents a pack. I could only afford 1 or 2 packs each time, that made them extra special. My favorite of all of these were the monster baseball players cards. I have cherished and saved those little monster cards to this day. All of the unsung artists who painted those gross but silly and fun little monsters were a huge influence on my childhood, and of course all the music I listened to while looking at all of those pictures. Thank You! Sometimes it is just about having fun, and drawing what i loved about my childhood. Good friends. Good music. good memories..." - EMEK"

The poster measures 17 x 24 inches, Color Screen Print.

This poster is in mint condition and it is stored flat

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