Flag of Despair HPM Hand Painted Multiples on US Currency Art Signed & Numbered 2014

Flag of Despair HPM Hand Painted Multiples on US Currency Art Signed & Numbered 2014

Yes this is real Uncut sheets of US Currency $1 bills. Along with Flag of Despair you will also get matching number Blood Money HPM as well

The money and influence of the NRA is slowly taking the country away from the people as their voices fade from the halls of Congress. We the People no longer matter as the NRA gets it's way by endangering every person as more guns flood the streets. The Stars Glow in the Dark, as there is still a glimmer of hope.

After all the mass killings and school shootings the fact the NRA has blocked any reasonable gun control legislation makes me sick. They help the gun manufactures and ammo companies make tons of money claiming someone is going to take their guns. That will never happen, but less guns and better control on who gets them will help stop the slaughter on our streets. The fact that I can walk into a gun show in most states and walk out with a gun no questions asked is nuts. As the greatest nation in the world we can do better for the people we love and care about. How does a simple 90 second background check infringe on the rights of law abiding gun owners?

The AR-15 clip holds 20 bullets. There is no practical application to an AR-15, it's very easy to shoot, accurate and hardly any recoil. It really is scary that so many of these are out there and easy for people to get.

I don't want your guns I just don't want my loved ones dying at the hands of a nut job that should not have a gun.

Signed and Numbered on the back with an edition of only 3

Size is approximately 15.5 x 25 inches Montana Gold Spray Paint on Real Uncut US Currency $1 bills with Glow in Dark Spray Paint on the Stars

Along with this you will also receive a matching number HPM of Blood Money as well

Stored flat.


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