Know Your Donuts Mixed Media Art Glows in the Dark

Know Your Donuts Mixed Media Art Glows in the Dark

With the recent actions of the police in various cities I thought it was time to poke a little fun at them. It's not meant to be anti-cop or anything like that. They have one of the hardest jobs in world and just like every other line of work there are some that make the good ones look bad.

First off yes this is a real box from Dunkin Donuts, one of the stores was kind enough to let me buy 12 unused boxes. I cut them down so they would lay flat and make a perfect canvas to work on.

Using the Monopoly game Get of Out Jail Free Card as the basis' for this and using the Monopoly font this was created

So if you find yourself being harassed by the cops or the middle of a protest just flash this and all is good.

The little guy along with the shoe all glow in the dark. Montana Gold Spray paint was used to create this Mixed Media piece of work

Signed and Numbered on the back with an edition of only 12

Size is a frame friendly 15 x 11 inches

This will ship flat in a box.

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