Philippe Poirier The Untouchables Chicago Way Poster

Philippe Poirier The Untouchables Chicago Way Poster 2016

"I'm fascinated with locations, how they heighten the feeling of a scene, tell a part of the story from the get-go..! This is what I'm focusing on in my work and for The Untouchables, when the commissioner and I talked in the early stages, it was clear the poster should be around the sequence inside the Chicago Union Station. The grandness of the place along with the choreography of the different characters almost makes it look like an on-stage play!"-Philippe Poirier.

Hand numbered with an Edition of only 70.

The poster measures 36 x 24 inches. This is a 5 color screen print that includes Metallic Bronze ink on Curious Metallics "Lustre" Specialist Paper .

This poster is in mint condition and it is stored flat.

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