POP Wave Shepard Fairey C.R. Stecyk III Print S/N Gold Edition Obey Giant

POP Wave Shepard Fairey C.R. Stecyk III Print S/N Gold Edition Obey Giant 2016

Signed and Numbered by Shepard Fairey and C.R. Stecyk III with an edition of only 300.

Size is 24 x 18 inches, Color Silk Screen Printing with Gold Metallic Ink.

Shepard Fairey reminisces about the print and Craig : "This P.O.P. Wave print is a collaboration with artist and photographer Craig Stecyk A.K.A. C.R. Stecyk III. If you aren’t familiar with Stecyk by name, you probably know many of the things he has done over the years. In the 1970’s Stecyk was co-founder of the Zephyr surf team and a seminal creative force in the the Dogtown surf and skate scene. Stecyk went on to work as a creative director for Powell-Peralta skateboards during their 1980’s era of domination. In addition to creating well known iconography like Powell-Peralta’s “Rat Bones” logo and the Thrasher “Skate and Destroy” typography, Stecyk was very involved in the highly influential Bones Brigade skateboard videos.- Shepard "The Pacific Ocean Park pier straddled a dividing line between the cities of Santa Monica and Los Angeles. It was in equal portions: a legal quagmire; an abandoned amusement park; a venerable historic artifact; a phenomenal surfing spot, home to acres of unregulated skateable concrete; a site of endless free building materials; and blocks of free space to host any imaginable enterprise. For a time I worked the POP environs for all of the above reasons. Cops from the differing municipalities were loathe to interdict there, as it constituted a jurisdictional no-man's land. So no one ever bothered me. It was a great time and a phenomenally inspirational place. This photo documents one such morning. " - C.R.Stecyk lll

The poster is in mint condition. It is stored in a flat file.

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