Shepard Fairey America's Savings Poster S/N Obey Giant

Shepard Fairey America's Savings Poster S/N 2016

Signed and Numbered by Shepard Fairey with an edition of only 450.

Size is 18 x 24 inches, Color Silk Screen Printing.

Fariey talks about the poster: America's Savings is the next in my series of images about the need to overhaul the American campaign finance system. End corruption, get money out of politics, return to democracy - these are calls to action that I will continue to push and champion in order to limit the influence of corporations and special interests in our political process. Our system allows influential corporations and special interests to use their money and influence to put profits ahead of the general well-being of the populace. Sometimes a relatively small investment in campaign contributions or lobbyists by a corporation can result in laws that ignore the needs of the people in favor of business interests. If you like this print, good, that means that you’ll contribute to our efforts to fix our broken system. Rootstrikers and Represent.US are two organizations fighting for campaign finance reform and profits from this print will go to both of them to help end the legal bribery of politicians. - Shepard

The poster is in mint condition. It is stored in a flat file.

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