Todd Slater Nicodemus Print S/N Radiant Iridescent Foil

Todd Slater Iggy Pop New York Poster S/N Radiant Iridescent Foil 2016

Todd Slater on the art "The art itself is meant to be an allusion to the Great Owl in The Secret of Nimh (1982). The idea is to draw a parallel between Brittany's intensely extraordinary stage presence and the wisdom and mystery of the owl. It is an animated character that has stayed with me over the years and felt oddly appropriate (to me) when trying to capture the band's singular stage show. I've also been experimenting with under printing a lot on recent prints and there's a fair amount of hidden things to look for throughout the imagery."

Signed and numbered by Todd Slater with an Edition of only 100.

Size of the poster is 12 x 16 Inches, 3 Color Silk Screen Print and the coolest looking paper I have ever seen.

The poster is Mint Condition and Stored Flat

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