Todd Slater Pacific Rim Movie Poster S/N 2013

Todd Slater Pacific Rim Movie Poster S/N 2013

Todd Slater, the artist commissioned by Odd City to close their series, gave insight into his inspiration for this project, “When I first began seeing the early images for Pacific Rim I was immediately struck but the scale of the Jaeger's versus the humans. These pictures served as a reminder of how fragile human life is and I decided to create my image around this thought. I wanted to depict these giant machines as the protectors of humanity from the mysterious beasts that have emerged from a portal beneath the ocean.”

Signed and Numbered by Todd Slater from an edition of only 175

Size is 24 x 36 inches 10 Color Silk Screened Printing with glow in the dark ink

The poster is in mint condition and stored flat in a flat file

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