Plastic Resin Figures

So I started messing around casting my own plastic resin figures after seeing so many other people doing it. It's been fun learning and trying different things. These are all hand cast by myself and made in the USA. They were cast using Smooth-On urethane resin. Most glow in the dark or are hand painted as well. This is just the first wave of figures I have coming out. If there is a color combination of small figures you want feel free to ask, such as instead of all black, you wanted black and two Chrome figures. I will be happy to mix and match any colorway combination set you want.

Postage is included in the price of all the items.

Most of the glow in the dark are also reactive to black light. The Black light charges the glow in the dark fast, it also makes the fluorescent pop in person and look killer. The glow in the dark effect will last 4-6 hours and some up to 8 hours, yes I timed.

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